Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Behind The Scenes Bonus!

Hello everyone! Ben the writer and I thought our readers might like a look at what goes into the creation of each new page for our webcomic. We'll take you through the steps from beginning to finish here!

Scripting the page.

Ben writes out the contents and dialogue of each panel and sends it to the artist Samantha as a skeleton for what will become the page.

Rough sketching out

Samantha uses the script to hash out the layout of the panels and the rough positions of the characters. She then sends it to Ben to look over to see if the page could use any tweaks or if any smaller details were left out.

Sketch version 2.0

Once the page has the go ahead Samantha refines the poses of the characters, and usually creates the outlines of the background at this point. Samantha will also create the speech bubbles around the dialogue usually at this point.


When Samantha is happy with the position of everything she will do a proper outline for the characters and the rest of the page.


Samantha then begins coloring with the characters first; filling and shading each piece of an individual at a time. Once the characters are all colored in Samantha then fills in the backgrounds with a mixture of shading, gradients and/or textures.

Lights, Shadows, and Effects

If a page is set underground or outside in broad daylight, or if a character has a power being used it gets added in on the final step, be it glowing or puffs of clouds or chunks of ice... and of course lightning~

Wednesday, March 12, 2014